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A brief word about how the group got started. In April 2001 Navenby Methodist Chapel invited artists and photographers to stage an exhibition. This was very well received and it highlighted the depth and breadth of talent in Navenby Village, ranging from the absolute beginner through enthusiastic amateurs to professional artists. The following year Donald Stephenson and Jack Blyth were returning from a demonstration evening at Carlton-le-Moorland & District Art Group and the talk got round to organising another exhibition, again limited to residents of Navenby. At the same time it was recognised that several Navenby artists were not able to get about easily and some did not want to go out during the evening. The decision was taken, therefore, to investigate the setting up of an art group in Navenby.
Donald and Jack persuaded several artists to contribute work and, in November 2002, an exhibition was staged in St Peter’s Church. During this exhibition and following a lot of enquiries, the plans were laid for the formation of an art group. Because there was already a group called the Navenby Archaeology Group (NAG) the name chosen, to avoid a clash of acronyms, was the Artists of Navenby.. After looking at various premises in Navenby they settled on the Church Hall.
Rather than start with a formal, rigid organisation, the Artists of Navenby was set up as a meeting of like-minded people who could gather together regularly. No formal tuition is given and demonstrators are not hired. The group, which now numbers about 45 artists who live and practice their art in Navenby, meets every Thursday from 10am to 1pm for which the current charge is £1.50. This covers the availability of tea, coffee and biscuits ad lib. The average attendance is around 14 although we have occasionally had many more. We now stage an annual exhibition in St Peter's Church, usually in May and in autumn we run a coach trip to some distant art gallery.
If you live in Navenby and would like to join us simply turn up on a Thursday morning or give Jack a call - his number is in the telephone directory.
We hope you enjoy our small exhibition on these pages. From time-to-time we will add further examples of our work.
If you would like to comment on our work, or to enquire about purchasing a painting or obtaining rights to use an image, please contact the artist at

You can view more examples of Jack Blyth's work at Jack Blyth website

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Annual Art Exhibition for 2018
Our annual Exhibition and Sale of Paintings is being held at St. Peter's Church, Navenby, from 11am to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday 12th and 13th May. We are helping to raise money for the church building fund, so do take the opportunity to have a look around this historic church while having a browse at the art on display. There will be a tombola and refreshments available. We look forward to seeing you. Entry is free.

Transitions on Canvas
Watch the image for a moment to see the painting evolve