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at a fraction of its cost new

Let us help you put together an outfit for that Special Occasion
Ball, Wedding, Cruise, Day at the Races or a Job Interview.
HATS available to hire from £20.00
We will be happy to assist you

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Tuesday to Friday - 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm
Saturday - 10am to 4pm

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All items must be clean, as new and contemporary.

We work on a commission basis of 50% for the client and 50% for the agency.

Whilst we take the greatest care, all goods are left entirely at the owner's risk.

Unless the client states a specific price, we will price garments ourselves trying to obtain a price which is fair to both the supplier and the customer.

If the garment is not sold by the date stated, we will automatically reduce the price unless requested by the client not to do so. If the garment is not sold by the return date and is not collected within one month from this date, it will be donated to charity.

Balance of payment due may be collected by arrangement from the agency (client must ring the agent), otherwise payment will be made on collection of remaining unsold garments.

We do not exchange items once sold.
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